Alex and Leah del Mundo

Alex and I are Realtors on Guam.  Alex has been in the Real Estate business and has helped many individuals and families relocate to Guam for more than 20 years.  I’ve watched my husband work hard and do his best to find folks the best home that their money or allowance can afford.

I, on the other hand,  have been in the service industry (all lines of insurance) since I graduated from college decades ago.  I joined my husband in Real Estate in the last 5 years because I saw how satisfied and fulfilled he looked after a hard day of showing houses and finding the perfect home for his clients.  I’ve seen how many of his clients become his personal friends who we take jet skiing, buggy riding, hiking, eating, traveling and other fun things.  I desired to have the same impact and connections my husband gained from his work.

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We have been assisting Military members and families for more than 20 years put together.

Assisting Military members and families find their home on Guam became our MAIN specialty because these were the types of clients who gravitated to my husband when he started in the business.  After more than 18 years of doing this, Alex has gained solid knowledge of the PCS and OHA processes and earned a very good and honest reputation among the military members, military families, military commands, military housing offices, other realtors and landlords.  And more people outside the military circles are using our services; including, federal employees, teachers, . People respected my husband, asked for his advise and expertise, recommended him often and was sought out for his service.  He did more than what others were willing to do.

We do more than what other agents are willing to do!

When I joined the business, my husband set the example for me to follow. And because he already had the relationships and the reputation, he  paved the way for me.  I had a 24/7/365 resource of knowledge so I could help others relocating to Guam find their perfect home too.  I decided to step up the game a notch.  I wanted more people to find out how great and helpful my husband is as a Realtor.  I created this website, Facebook Page, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn so people knew about the services we, as a couple, provided.  And we make sure to keep giving valuable and useful information on all our Social Media platforms.  People ask why we are giving information for FREE when they may not even use us to be their Realtor?  Well, we just want to help and when people see that we come from a genuine place of service, they will naturally want to work with us.

After 5 years into the business, I have to say it has been very fulfilling.  Yes, we have had our challenges and share of difficult and flaky clients. But I have gained more special friends in the short time I’ve been doing this than the 15 years I was in my last insurance job.  So many of them have even been gracious enough to share how great their experience was working with us.  They are more than happy to share the good news and spread the word so that others can have the same great experience they had having us to assist them. Yes, we’ve had a couple of unhappy clients but they were also gracious enough to give their feedback so we could do better.  I encourage you to read their stories here on the site and even more of them on our Facebook Page because you may relate to some of their pain points and how they (with our help) were able to overcome them.

We do MORE than just find you a home.  We are your Guam connection!

I always say that Alex and I (and our team) are more than just Realtors.  When you check my own personal Facebook profile, I describe my job as a Problem Solver, Helper, Connector, Matchmaker, Influencer, Magician.  Because really, we do all these for our clients.  We are not just about finding our clients a home and DONE. “Bye, don’t bother me anymore.”  Nope!  That’s not us.  That’s not our style.   Our clients still call us even after settling into their home to get advice, recommendations, find a church, find a job, hairdresser, craft stores, restaurants, etc. and we do our best through our local connections, relationship and exposure to assist.

We look forward to serving you!

So you now have a better idea of who will be serving you. If our story resonates with you, then you will love working with us and us with you! If not, then it’s totally understandable if we don’t hear from you. We love working with people who love us back. One of our dear clients wrote about us before her family PCSd out and you can read her blog about us here.  And my love for serving and helping people relocating to Guam was shared on our major local TV station.  This is the episode if you’d like to watch it.

We look forward to serving many more of you and we wake up excited each day knowing we have a purpose and we will be able to help a person/family find their home in Guam.

We look forward to meeting and assisting you soon!

—Alex and Leah del Mundo

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