Off Base Rental Process

Renting Expense Summary

Security Deposit (refundable) - This is equal to one month's rent.

First-month rent - This will be either the full first month or prorated by dividing the month by 30 and x  days occupied.

Pet Deposit, if applicable (refundable) - Varies and will be determined by the owner.

Pet Fee, if applicable (non-refundable) - Some owners will ask for a Pet Fee, vs a Pet Deposit. Varies and is determined by the owner.

Utilities - Most Single Family Homes will require you to transfer the utilities into your name and make a deposit. In addition, some townhouses and condos will also require this, so be prepared to for this, even if you *think* your choice will not require it. The most Guam Power Authority (GPA) will charge is $500. (refundable). Guam Waterworks Authority (GWA) will not charge over $100. (refundable) Guam Solid Waste Authority (GSWA) does not require a deposit and is $31.xx a month for trash and recycling services.

Rental Process Steps

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