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Whether you’re relocating to Guam for your military job or seeking an island lifestyle, Guam is a beautiful place with a lot to offer. Leave your winter gear behind and swap it for flip-flops, shorts, and sunblock. While moving to an island can be a big decision and a lot of work, it can ultimately be the best move you’ll make. Here’s the complete guide to moving to and living in Guam.


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Thinking of Moving to Guam?

Where is Guam?

The island of Guam is in the Pacific Ocean, which sits around 1,600 miles west of Manila and 3,800 miles west of Honolulu. It’s part of the Mariana Islands chain. Guam is on the smaller side, as it spans 8.5 miles wide at its largest and is 30 miles long, with a total area of 220 square miles.

Things to Know About Guam

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General Overview

With a strong military presence, many people relocate to Guam for their positions in the U.S. military. Life on the island isn’t much different than living life on the mainland, but there are some significant perks if you like the outdoors and feeling like you’re always on vacation. Not only is the community welcoming and warm, but there’s so much hospitality, and it offers a fantastic lifestyle to enjoy on your days off.

The two official languages on the island are Charmoru and English. You’ll find many people who speak Filipino and other Asian languages.

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While Guam has a remarkable history, it’s not as well known as the military hub that it is today.

Guam is part of the Marianas Islands, which according to archaeological evidence, suggests that it was one of the first places to be inhabited by seafaring people from Southeast Asia, dating back to over 4,000 years ago. Those who inhabited these islands became known as Chamorro.

Over the last 400 years, Guam has been under the power of Spain, Japan, and the United States. During the Spanish-American War in 1898, Guam became part of the U.S. and was introduced to democratic government and the American lifestyle.

In World War II, Japan invaded Guam shortly after the Pearl Harbor attack. Over the next three years, Japanese forces occupied the island until 1944, when Americans returned to reclaim Guam.

After this time, the U.S. military expansion in Guam began, along with the rest of Micronesia, creating the framework for the economic and military hub that Guam is today. The island now boasts a diverse population with an enviable and modern lifestyle connected to Indigenous roots.

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Moving to Guam

Moving to the island from the U.S. can be relatively easy if you’re already a citizen. You just need a valid passport and be free of warrants, and you can move to Guam just like any other state. Before moving, you should ensure that your identification has been recently updated, you have your birth certificate and naturalization papers. As a military member, you’ll want to ensure your whole family has their government identification and your PCS order. If you’re not a citizen of the U.S., you can find your documentation requirements here.

There are three military bases on the island, so many members (and their families) relocate to the island for active duty. The U.S. Naval Base, the Andersen Airforce Base, and Camp Blaz (U.S. Marine Corps base) have a welcoming and tight-knit community. Many civilians working with the Federal government and military contractors that provide support to the bases also move to Guam for work.

You can bring your pets to Guam, but as it is a rabies-free island, there is a tight protocol for quarantine times to ensure your pets won’t bring rabies to the island.

Packing up and moving to Guam can be a bit of a process since it’s not the easiest move. There are rules and customs for what you can bring. Many people opt to downsize and bring the bare minimum, and as long as you’ve had items you bring for longer than three months, you can bring them with you. There are many shipping companies that can bring your larger items to the island, but it can be pretty expensive. Nothing can be brought into the island for resale purposes.

If you have a vehicle, there are several ways to go about having a vehicle on the island. If your car is new, you may want to shell out the money to ship it to the island. Guam has rules regarding importing vehicles, including EPA exemptions, Department of Transportation exemptions, how old it is, how long you’ve owned it, and more. You’ll also need all the documentation that accompanies the vehicle.

Depending on how long you want to stay on the island, or if you have an older vehicle, you may want to sell your car and repurchase one on the island to save on shipping costs.

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The climate on the island is incredible if you could say goodbye to snow forever. It’s warm and humid year-round, with temperatures rarely falling below 74°F and rarely going over 90°F. The wet and rainy season is from July to November, and the dry, sunny season is from December to June.

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Housing Market

Since Guam is an island, real estate can be competitive because there is a limited number of homes for rent and sale. Luckily, Guam has a diverse market, with plenty of affordable and luxury properties.

For renters, a one-bedroom apartment in the more popular places close to Tumon and the military bases costs between $1,500 and $2,200 per month. Surrounding areas offer more lower one-bedroom options between $1,000 and $1,300. Many people opt for shared accommodations when renting. Utility costs on the island are around 150% more than the rest of the nation, so that’s a cost to budget for when considering the price of housing. Military members and families are given housing and utility allowances to cover for these costs.

If you’re an interested homebuyer, you’ll find properties priced between $120,000 to $2.5 million. If you’re in the market for a custom-built home on vacant land, you can find lots that range in price from $20,000 to $30 million.

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Cost of Living

With island living comes a higher cost of living. Since everything needs to be imported to Guam, you’ll pay more for most things. Food, gas, and utilities are the most expensive items. This is the price one has to pay to live in a tropical paradise. If you have access to the military bases, you should be able to get better prices on goods and gas.

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Fun Facts

Here are some interesting facts about Guam:

  • The paved roads on the island are made of cement and coral.
  • Guam is known as the Island of ‘Warriors.’
  • The home of Guam’s largest beach bar is on ‘Gun Beach.’
  • Guam’s economy is supported by the U.S. Military and the tourism industry.
  • Famous people from Guam include journalist Ann Curry, MMA fighter Joe Duarte, singer Pia Mia, actor Benjamin Alves, actor Donovan Patton, and director Allan Brocka, to name a few.
  • 99% of foreign workers that come to Guam are from the Philippines.
  • Guam is one of five U.S. territories that have a civilian government.
  • Contrary to popular belief, people do not wear grass skirts, and the island will not tip over if we all gather on one end.

Moving to Guam For Work

Business & Jobs in Guam

The tourism industry and the U.S. military comprise the majority of the Guam economy. Many active duty members relocate to Guam for work. In fact, the Joint Region Marianas has bases and camps that cover about 29% of the island’s land.

In terms of tourism, the majority of Guam’s tourists are Korean, with many of these tourists visiting Tumon. This major hub on Guam features twenty hotels, an indoor aquarium, various shows, and a collection of restaurant and entertainment venues.

The average salary for Guam workers is just under $50,000 per year. Some of the other top industries include healthcare, law, customer service, pharmacy, and entrepreneurial endeavors. One of Guam’s biggest employers includes Continental Micronesia, which is a section of Continental Airlines and produces about 1400 jobs for those living in Guam.

Guam School Guide

The Best Schools in Guam

It’s well known in the educational sector that the youth are the key to the future of the island. Parents can take three primary educational avenues: DODEA, private, and public schools.

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DODEA schools are available for military members and DODEA schools provide bus transportation around the island.

  • Andersen Elementary and Andersen Middle School are located on the Andersen Air Force Base. The villages that fall under the Andersen school district are: Yigo, Dededo, Mangilao, Barrigada, Tamuning, Tumon, Mongmong-Toto-Maite.
  • On Navel Base Guam, students are served by McCool Elementary and Middle School. The villages that fall under McCool are Sinajan, Agana, Heights,Hagatna, Ordot- Chalan Pago, Piti,Yona, Santa Rita, Talafofo, Agat, Asan, Merizoand Umatac.
  • Guam High School serves the entire island, which is located in the center of the island in Agana Heights.

Guam Private Schools

Father Duenas Memorial School

Catholic High School

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Academy of Our Lady of Guam

Catholic High School

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Harvest Christian Academy

Christian School

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St. Johns School

Christian School

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Guam Public Schools | Elementary

Adacao Elementary School

  340 Carnation Ave. Mangilao, GU 96913

  (671) 300-6500

Agana Heights Elementary School

  350 J. Cruz Rt. Agana Heights, GU 96919

  (671) 477-8040

Astumbo Elementary School

  255 Chalan Hachon, Dededo, GU 96929

  (671) 635-4363

B.P. Carbullido Elementary School

  156 Canada Toto Rd. Barrigada, GU 96913

  (671) 734-4341

Chief Brodie Memorial Elementary School

  225 N. Marine Dr. Tamuning, GU 96911

  (671) 647-4444

C.L. Taitano Elementary School

  170 Bien Venida Ave. Sinajana, GU 96926

  (671) 475-4502

Daniel L. Perez Elementary School

  400 Gayinero Dr. Agat, GU 96928

  (671) 653-2646

Finegayan Elementary School

  194 Chalan Ksperbauer, Dededo, GU 96912

  (671) 632-9364

Harry S. Truman Elementary School

  500 Mariner Ave. Barrigada, GU 96913

  (671) 565-5195

Inarajan Elementary School

  136 Pale Bernabe Cruz Rd. Santa Rita, GU 96915

  (671) 828-8641

J.Q. San Miguel Elementary School

  491 Clara Rd. Mongmong, GU 96927

  (671) 477-9368

Juan M. Guerrero Elementary School

  520 Harmon Loop, Dededo, GU 96912

  (671) 632-1540

Lyndon B. Johnson Elementary School

  140 Felis St. Tamuning, GU 96911

  (671) 646-5046

Liguan Elementary School

  237 N. Chalan Liguan, Yigo, GU 96929

  (671) 300-1680

Machananao Elementary School

  Route 9, Yigo, GU

  (671) 635-4381

Marcial Sablan Elementary School

  144 San Vicente Ave. Agat, GU 96928

  (671) 565-2238

Maria A. Ulloa Elementary School

  110 Catalina Ln, Dededo, GU 96912

  (671) 632-8090

Merizo Martyrs Elementary School

  J.A. Cruz Ave. Pigua St. Merizo, GU 96916

  (671) 828-2562

Ordot-Chalan Pago Elementary School

  294 Judge Sablan St. Ordot, GU 96924

  (671) 477-9645

Pedro C. Lujan Elementary School

  387 E. Route 8, Barrigada, GU 96913

  (671) 734-3971

Talofofo Elementary School

  209 Jose P. Cruz St. Talofofo, GU 96911

  (671) 789-1171

Tamuning Elementary School

  554 Chalan San Antonio Rd. Tamuning, GU 96911

  (671) 646-8058

Upi Elementary

  1180 Chalan Pediron Lagu, Yigo, GU 96929

  (671) 633-1382

Wettengel Elementary School

  479 W. Santa Monica Ave. Dedudo, GU 96912

  (671) 632-7770

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Guam Public Schools | Middle School

Agueda Johnston Middle School

  192 Dero Dr. Ordot, GU 96924

  (671) 472-6785

Astumbo Middle

  389 Chalan Hachon, Dededo, GU 96912

  (671) 300-2610

F.B. Leon Guerrero Middle School

  445 Juan Jacinto Rd. Yigo, GU 96929

  (671) 653-2080

Inarajan Middle

  433 Belen Ave. Merizo, GU 96916

  (671) 475-0673

Jose Rios Middle

  165 Spruance Dr. Piti, GU 96925

  (671) 475-2412

Luis P. Untalan Middle School

  270 Route 10, Barrigada, GU 96913

  (671) 735-3110

Oceanview Middle School

  184 Erskin Dr. Agat, GU 96928

  (671) 565-2961

Vicente Benavente Middle School

  288 W. Santa Monica Ave. Dededo, GU 96912

  (671) 632-5647

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Guam Public Schools | High School

Guam High

PSC 455 Box 192, U.S. Naval Hospital, FPO, GU 96540

(671) 344-7410

George Washington High School

298 George Washington Dr. Mangilao, GU 96913

(671) 734-2911

John F. Kennedy High School

331 N. Marine Dr. Tamuning, GU 96930

(671) 642-2100

Okkodo High

660 Route 3, Yigo, GU

(671) 300-1870

Simon Sanchez High School

395 Juan Jacinto Rd. Yigo, GU 96929

(671) 653-3625

Southern High

195 Pale Ferdinand, Santa Rita, GU 96915

(671) 479-2103

Tiyan High

500 Mariner Ave. Yigo, GU 96929

(671) 735-3110

Guam Post-Secondary

Beyond grade 12, Guam does have two post-secondary institutions for those looking to advance their education.

University of Guam

Bachelor’s, Associate’s, Master’s Degrees & Certificates

Guam Community College

Bachelor’s, Associate’s, Master’s Degrees & Certificates

GCA Trades Academy

Various trades, including carpentry, construction, electrical, HVAC, heavy equipment operations, management education, plumbing, safety technicians, and more.

Neighborhoods in Guam

Where to Live in Guam

Guam has many desirable communities that have unique offerings.

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Agat is located along the island’s western shore, close to Naval Base Guam and Apra Harbor. Agat is a thriving hub for a handful of restaurants, retail stores, and businesses. Agat Marina is also located here, where many dolphin watch and booze cruises launch from. There is a prominent Catholic religious influence with the presence of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Convent, and School. Homes in Agat range in price from $275,000 to $5 million. This village falls under the McCool school district. Home types here are apartments, single, and multi-family dwellings.

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This central village is conveniently located close to the Guam airport and in between Big Navy and Andersen. Barrigada Heights, an affluent community, is located here with palatial homes on the hill with beautiful views of the city, the airport, and the ocean. The median price of Barrigada homes is $575,000. There are apartments, single, and multi-family dwellings available. And it falls under the Andersen school district.

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As the most populated village on the island, Dededo is a highly desirable place to live for those who are looking for the lifestyle it affords. It’s a popular spot for military families because the Air Force Base and Camp Blaz are close to the area. Some members who work at the Navy Base are also willing to do the 30-minute drive to this Northern village because of the way of life offered here. If you are military with school-age children, know that Dededo falls in the Andersen school district. The median home price is $350,000, so it can be an affordable option for many families. Home types are a good mix of apartments, townhomes, single, and multi-family dwellings.

Since so many people live in this village, some of the best amenities are available for Dededo residents. You’ll have quick access to shopping, ethnic grocery stores, beaches, hiking, dining, and much more!

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Mangilao is home to over 15,000 residents and has abundant natural beauty. The median home price in the community is $360,000. Located minutes from The Guam Community College, The University of Guam, and the Pacific Islands Bible College, you’ll find many students are one of the main demographics in the village. Mangilao is considered a central village, but it falls under the Andersen school district. This is where the entrance of the famous “Back Road to Andersen'' is located. The route is a less traffic-ridden commute from central Guam to the Andersen Air Force Base. Residential property types are a good mix of apartments, condominiums, townhomes, single, and multi-family dwellings. Some fantastic amenities near Mangilao include grocery stores, shopping, restaurants, a clinic, a pharmacy, and other necessities.

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The coastal community of Merizo is the southernmost village on Guam. Although it's farther from the central living conveniences, this village is one of the most picturesque places to live. The beachside neighborhood is across from the day resort island Cocos Island. If you want to be close to the water, Merizo is a fantastic community to call home. The area is home to some of the best festivals, like Cocos Crossing’s annual swim race, Fiestas Tasi, and the Crab Festival. The primarily residential community has homes that range in price from $400,000 to $700,000. Homes are mostly single-family dwellings.

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Ordot-Chalan Pago

If you want to build your custom dream home with valleys and mountainscapes, Chalan Pago-Ordot is the village for you. Located along Route 4, residents have breathtaking and enviable views of Pago Bay. The community has a traditional small-town atmosphere that residents love. It’s conveniently located and is one of the central villages of Guam so you can easily commute to get everything you need. Most military members and families working at the Guam Naval Hospital, Polaris Point, and Big Navy choose this village to live in because of its convenient central location. There are apartments, condominiums, single, and multi-family dwellings here. Ordot-Chalan Pago falls under the McCool school district.

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The coastal village of Piti is a traditional village with a lot of history. Piti is well-known for Pedro Santos Memorial Park and Tepungan Beach Park. The Piti Bomb Holes Marine Preserve makes it the perfect spot for snorkeling if you want to see an abundance of sea life. A lot of military members and families working at the Guam Naval Hospital, Polaris Point, and Big Navy like to rent or buy homes here. There are apartments and single-family dwellings available.

Piti falls under the McCool school district. Most homes for sale here are a bit on the higher end. Homebuyers looking for properties in Piti can expect to find houses that range in price from $500,000 to $2 million. But on a few occasions, a good deal does come up.

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Santa Rita

Santa Rita is where the Guam Big Navy is located. This village is home to four off-base but military-only neighborhoods: Lockwood Terrace, Apra View, North Tipalao, and Bay View. Santa Rita is one of the favorite villages for Big Navy-based renters and homeowners. However, there are a lot of homes available outside the base and available to all. It falls under the McCool school district. The average home price in Santa Rita is $484,000. All of the residential properties for sale are single-family dwellings. There are also some apartments for rent. The village is surrounded by plenty of places that would dazzle nature explorers, including waters like the Guatali river and Tarzan Falls.

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Sinajana is a central village. It is next door to Hagåtña, the capital of the island, and Agana Heights, where the Guam Naval Hospital and Guam High School are located. Residents are close to all the amenities they could want. Minutes from shopping, entertainment, restaurants, beaches, and hiking trails. Sinajana is a great option for those looking to be close to great schools. Sinajana real estate ranges in price from $100,000 to $4 million. Most residential property types here are single-family dwellings with a few small apartments.

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Talofofo is the epitome of island life. Nicknamed “God’s Country,” the community is removed from city life and has residents immersed in the natural beauty of Guam. This is where Talofofo Falls and many great hiking trails are located. It takes about 30 minutes to get back into the city for work or amenities. Many, who work at Big Navy and Polaris Point like living here and using the Cross Island road to get to work. Homes in the community range in price from $45,000 to $2 million. This village belongs to the McCool school district DoDEA elementary children. Most residential property types here are single-family dwellings.

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Dubbed the center of Guam’s tourism industry, Tumon is a major village on Guam known for its incredible beaches and palm tree fringe. Serving as a focal point, Tumon is home to various shopping centers and entertainment adventures, like Hawaiian Fire Dancing and Chamorro shows. It also has a thriving nightlife! Tumon falls under the Andersen school district and the real estate in the area consists of mostly condos & very few single family dwellings and townhomes that do not come up for sale too often. That being said, the median prices in Tumon are around $615 000.

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Yigo has it all. They have wonderful hiking trails and remote beach access for adventurers to explore. As a charming village with affordable homes, it’s one of the military families’ top options. It’s the same village as the Air Force base, and Camp Blaz is very close as well. Homes range in price from $75,000 to $750,000. Yigo is also in the Andersen school district if you have military kids in school. Single-family dwellings in Yigo tend to have bigger lots and neighbors are farther apart. If you like peace and quiet and being farther away from the busyness of Dededo and the central villages of Tumon and Tamuning, then this is an excellent place to live.

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Locals say, “Yona Rules” and for good reason. Yona is located on the island’s eastern side between the Togcha and Pago Rivers. The center of the village is on the cliffs above Pago Bay so many homes have spectacular ocean views. The former farming community has plenty of history and is primarily residential. There are apartments, townhomes, single, and multi-family dwellings available. It’s a great option for Navy members, who can quickly get to the base via Route 4. Yona falls under the McCool school district for military kids going to DoDEA. Home prices in Yona range from $370,000 to $5 million.

The Country Club of the Pacific, Leo Palace Resort, Hamamoto Tropical Fruit World, and Windward Hills Country Club are located in Yona and are huge draws for the community. Some natural sites in Yona include Turtle Cove, Tarzan Falls, Taga’chang Beach Park, and Sigua Falls.

Must Try Places When Living In Guam

Nightlife & Popular Restaurants in Guam

It’s impossible to spend any amount of time on Guam without trying the local, traditional cuisine. Pika’s Cafe, Meskla Dos, Mosa’s, and PROA Restaurant are three great options to get your hands on local fare.


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Pika’s Cafe

Pika’s cafe is a popular spot for breakfast and lunch. Inspired by Chamoru and California influences, they use only the freshest ingredients for a truly satisfying meal.

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Meskla is a Chamoru fusion restaurant that has terrific seafood options that have some exciting flavors.

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PROA has some incredible local barbeque and dessert options and is definitely a local favorite.

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Mosa’s is a spot where you can load up on Greek comfort food and beer. It’s one of the more popular spots on the island, so be prepared to wait or sit at the bar for quicker service.

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Chef’s Table

Chef’s Table is a premium restaurant with large portions, so wear your stretchy pants.

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McKraut’s is located in the southern village of Malojloj, and it’s the only German restaurant in Guam. It’s the best spot to get your hands on bratwursts, with various German beers on tap.

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Jeff’s Pirates Cove

Another great restaurant on Guam includes Jeff’s Pirates Cove in Talofofo, a beach bar with various attractions and known for its homemade cheeseburger!

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The Beach

The Beach is Guam’s largest beach bar and restaurant, and if you can’t tell by the name, it’s located right on the beachfront. This bar often features live entertainment. It even has two full-sized volleyball courts on its beachfront, giving way to tons of fun.

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Hyatt Guam

Sundays on the island are quiet, and Sunday brunch can be a big deal. Many luxury hotels host Sunday brunch buffets and have a full spread with incredible dishes. You’ll want to check out Hyatt Guam's famous Croissant Waffles because they’re a must-try. They also feature a full buffet for those who have different tastes.

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You’ll find many great places for ice cream around the island, especially on really hot days. Godiva has one of the best chocolate soft serve cones, and even the cones are crusted in that premium chocolate.

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Jamaican Grill

Jamaican Grill is the best place to grab Jamaican food on the island, with locations in Hagatna, Tumon, and Dededo. From burgers to chicken and ribs, this isn’t a spot you want to miss or skip.

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If you have an occasion to celebrate and want something a little different, California Pizza Kitchen and Crust are both excellent options.


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Lobby Lounge

For a night out on the town to indulge in some fun, the Lobby Lounge is located in the Dusit Hotel. They have an outdoor terrace, fancy cocktails, and live music to enjoy.

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Bernie’s Bar

Bernie’s Bar is a popular spot to unwind, chat with the friendly staff, play some pool and have some drinks.

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Livehouse Guam

Livehouse Guam is the best place if you love live music and professionally-made beverages. It’s one of the residents’ favorites to visit to have a fun night and enjoy some great tunes.

Markets & Shopping

Chamorro Village

Chamorro Village is a mish-mash of great restaurants serving up local and international cuisine alongside arts, crafts, and gift stores. It’s best known for Wednesday nights where live bands and food stalls are in abundance! The smell of BBQ in the air will leave your mouth-watering (but don’t worry, there’s plenty of food and great eats to choose from!).

Micronesia Mall

The Micronesia Mall, in particular, is a great place to shop if retail therapy is your favorite thing. As the largest shopping mall among the islands, it features many stores for everything you need. Visit Macy’s, Pay-Less Supermarket, GAP, and K.D. Toys. The food court is bursting with food options, and there’s even an indoor amusement park with games and rides.

Guam Food Trucks

Guam also has Food Truck nights at different villages on different nights. Dededo has them on Tuesdays from 4 to 8 pm. Then these food trucks head to Tiyan Baseball Field on Wednesdays, open from 4 to 8 pm, Thursdays at Skinner Plaza, open from 5 to 8 pm, and Fridays at Yona. At these venues, food trucks offer anything from pizza and refreshing fruit smoothies to crepes and more! Please note the Food Truck schedules often change so check for local updates on Facebook Pages or newspapers.

Dededo Flea Market

There is also the Dededo Flea Market that offers fresh produce, ornament, local products, and more! This is open from 5 am until 10 am on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

More Shopping


Guam Public Transportation

How to Get Around Guam

Guam is quite large, even though it looks small on a map, and you can’t walk around the island. Of course, there are some very pedestrian-friendly areas that are perfect for walking and enjoying Guam. Most residents choose to drive their own vehicles around the island.

Guam Mass Transit Authority provides public transit routes to almost every village. Nine routes run throughout the island and range from every thirty minutes to every two hours, depending on the need. The bus routes run Monday through Saturday and are also accessible for those with disabilities.

Events in Guam

Fun Things To Do in Guam

If you’re a nature lover, Guam is a great place that can deliver a lifestyle that you will enjoy. There is so much fun to be had, all thanks to the island’s incredible beaches, scenic landscape, and thriving tourist industry.

Beach Fun

Of course, the beaches around the island are stunning and not to be missed. Spending time on the beach soaking up the sun or in the water admiring sea life or surfing can be done daily. Swimming, surfing (more on this below!), and snorkeling are just a few water activities you can enjoy. You can even partake in “booze cruises” or go on a dolphin-watching cruise.

Adventure Activities

Joe’s Jet Ski offers the opportunity to rent a jet ski or even try parasailing. Let’s Ride Guam further provides tons for the adventurous ones among us, giving off-roading tours and allowing you to a side of Guam you wouldn’t see otherwise.

With tourism being one of the biggest industries, Guam has some fantastic attractions that residents can enjoy. World-class shopping (as mentioned in the above sections), golfing, and dining are available all over the island. Tumon is the district in Tamuning that features trendy hotels, entertainment, beaches, culture, history, and so much more. There’s even a zipline, waterpark, and Tagada amusement park to enjoy.


If you’re all about catching those waves, you’ll also be happy to know there’s plenty of surfing to be had in Guam. Umatac Bay is one of the best surfing spots on the island. However, you have many more to choose from, including Talofofo Beach, Boat Basin, Mugandas, Rick's Reef, Meritzo, Dungga's Beach, Tagachan Beach, and Ypao Beach.

And if you’re a beginner, don’t fret. There are many surfing schools like Lotus Surf Shop and many individual instructors.


If you’re interested in basking in greenery and amazing falls, check out hiking trails in Guam. Hiking around Guam is a rewarding experience. There are some beautiful places to explore, like the Fonte River, which is a great swimming spot in Agana Heights. The Guam Bonnie Stomp is great for joining hiking groups. Certain groups go out almost every weekend, and levels vary from easy to difficult.


As you can imagine, golfing in Guam is an extraordinary experience. You'll be able to take in gorgeous scenery and enjoy the island's tropical climate while playing on some of the world's most beautiful courses.

Onward Mangilao Golf Club

One of Guam's most desirable golf courses is the Onward Mangilao Golf Club, located on the east coast of Guam and centered around three stunning ponds this course has been ranked among the top 100 golf courses in the world. 

Through a variety of elevation changes and bunkers, the course offers great challenges for both amateur and professional golfers.


Guam is home to amazing annual festivals, like the Mango and Crab festivals and the Malojloj Fiesta.

Mango Festival

The Mango festival in the village of Agat celebrates the unofficial fruit of Guam and has been held every year in May since 2006. Vendors feature mango everything from pickled mangos to mango donuts. Residents grow their own mangos for the festival and have them compete for titles like the most bizarre, biggest, and most beautiful mango.

It’s a fantastic event for all ages, as there’s also dancing, live music, rides, games, contests, displays, and other attractions. It’s a fantastic opportunity for local artists, creators, hobbyists, and gardeners to sell their creations. You’ll be able to find everything at this festival.

Malojloj Fiesta

Another May festival is the Malojloj Fiesta. The three-day event honors San Isidro. There are many traditional events held, like eating competitions and buffalo races. You’ll find many residents go into the streets to party and share food and drinks with the community.

Crab Festival

The Crab Festival is one of the most exciting annual events that attracts thousands of people from around the island to have fun at one of the biggest celebrations. The Malesso’ Gupot Chamoru, or Crab Festival, is held in March each year and is a three-day event.

It’s a traditional celebration featuring dancing, live music, barbecue, gifts, and handmade items. The local land crabs are the star of the show. There are culinary crab competitions, contests, races, and crab-catching contests. Feast on local stuffed crab and crab cakes, but you’ll have to get to those booths early in order to get some, as they’re usually gone by the end of the day.

Historical Landmarks, Monuments, and Museums

Magellan Monument | Umatac Bay

History buffs will love to learn about Guam, especially at The Landing of Ferdinand Magellan on Umatac. The Magellan Monument and Umatac Bay should be visited by residents and tourists alike. Take a tour to learn the interesting history of this spot.

Pacific National Historic Park

The Pacific National Historic Park features memorials for those who sacrificed their lives in the war. If you want to take a step back into the history of the Chamorro culture, the village of Inarajan has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1977. Check out the Gef Pa’go Cultural Village to see the preserved huts and demonstrations.

South Pacific Memorial Peace Park

In Yigo, the South Pacific Memorial Peace Park is another memorial for WWII soldiers.

Guam Museum

The Guam museum, formally known as the Senator Antonio M. Palomo Guam Museum & Chamorro Educational Facility, focuses on the history of Guam, a U.S. territory in Micronesia and promotes an increased understanding of Guam's geology, biota, pre-history and contemporary culture.


Living in Guam can give you a lifestyle that many people can only dream of experiencing. Whether you’re relocating due to the military or you’ve decided that island life is for you, there’s a lot to enjoy about Guam. Guam has it all: resort-style amenities, excellent schools, being close to the beach, and an incredible community. For more things to do in Guam, you can visit the Guam site.


Hagåtña is the capital of Guam, and it features plenty of traditional shops, food, and more. It’s a popular destination for locals or visitors and the perfect spot for date night.

Hamamoto Tropical Fruit World

Hamamoto Tropical Fruit World is uniquely Guam. The 50-acre utopia of fruit features over 70 different kinds of tropical fruit. Get there early and take a tour where you can squeeze the freshest fruit and drink the juice. There’s also an all-you-can-eat fruit buffet.

Pacific Ocean, Two Lovers Point

And when you are ready to experience specular views of the Pacific Ocean Two Lovers Point is the place to be. This beloved destination derived from an ancient legend of forbidden love and has become one of the most romantic spots to visit in all of Guam.


Tumon is home to USO Guam, which is a non-profit organization for military members to have a home away from home. The organization aims to lift the spirits of our troops and their families.

Living in Guam can give you a lifestyle that many people can only dream of experiencing. Whether you’re relocating due to the military or you’ve decided that island life is for you, there’s a lot to enjoy about Guam. Guam has it all: resort-style amenities, excellent schools, being close to the beach, and an incredible community.

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