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She is the HARDEST worker in the room

This is our realtor on island. I just want to take a moment to sing this special lady's praises; I don't come across many people who support, protect, and love on her clients as much as this lady does! We are lucky to call her a friend. Leah is such an AMAZING person, with a beautiful soul. She is the HARDEST worker in the room, a DEDICATED go-getter! She is MOTIVATED, always encouraging people outside of her own work to DO their own & follow their passions. She is KIND, THOUGHTFUL, & GENEROUS in her time with her clients. She has a heart of GOLD! 💛 I admire you so much, Leah. You are such a blessing to everyone you touch! Thank you for ALL you do 🙏
Shaye Hudspeth

They have been willing and able to help with ANYTHING

Living On Guam Realty was recommended to me by a Guam military member...months before me and my family arrived on the island. Leah and her team have been willing and able to help with ANYTHING we needed even before arriving to Guam. Upon arrival their team was always available and kind. The house hunting process was quick and easy. Leah and her team are well known within the housing and finance offices on base, which made the administrative process easy also. They where also very patient as we made this transition and helped us to find a home that we love. I couldnt imagine any realtor company doing a better job during our transition. Great team, great company!!! Highly recommended.

Quick, Smooth, and Stress-Free

Leah and her team are the best! Leah and everyone at the Living on Guam Realty team made the hunt for our Guam home enjoyable and easy. What my husband and I anticipated being a stressful process, Leah made effortless! Prior to arriving on-island, Leah sent listings of possible homes, answered my questions, and reinforced that she would help in any way possible. This was especially reassuring as I thought not being on island would hinder the process of looking for a home. When it came time to look at properties, Leah and Denia were incredibly patient, kind, and encouraging. We did not feel rushed, or unsupported during any part of the process. My husband and I were amazed at how easily we were able to move through the application and approval process once we found the home we wanted. Leah kept us updated throughout every step of this process, which alleviated any stress on our end! Leah was especially flexible and understanding when my husband and I needed to change our move- in date due to unforeseen circumstances. We are so thankful to Leah and her team for making our transition into a home so quick, smooth, and stress-free. We can’t thank Leah enough, we will absolutely be recommending Leah and her team!
Ray and Heather Nelson

Leah and her team are the best!

Leah and everyone at the Living on Guam Realty team made the hunt for our Guam home enjoyable and easy. What my husband and I anticipated being a stressful process, Leah made effortless! Prior to arriving on-island, Leah sent listings of possible homes, answered my questions, and reinforced that she would help in any way possible. This was especially reassuring as I thought not being on island would hinder the process of looking for a home. When it came time to look at properties, Leah and Denia were incredibly patient, kind, and encouraging. We did not feel rushed, or unsupported during any part of the process. My husband and I were amazed at how easily we were able to move through the application and approval process once we found the home we wanted. Leah kept us updated throughout every step of this process, which alleviated any stress on our end! Leah was especially flexible and understanding when my husband and I needed to change our move-in date due to unforeseen circumstances. We are so thankful to Leah and her team for making our transition into a home so quick, smooth, and stress-free. We can’t thank Leah enough, we will absolutely be recommending Leah and her team!

They Made It So Easy

So I met with Living on Guam through a couple of work buddies and I couldn’t be more happier, they were super helpful and were able to reply to anything pretty quickly if you needed information. When we looked at homes they were very helpful and very patient which is awesome! And when I found a home the paperwork was taken care of by them. I never felt stressed with them. For a first time renting a home, it was made so easy through “Living On Guam”. Completely recommend!!
Isaac Hernandez

Amazing Realtor

Leah went above and beyond to assist my family and I all the way from Chicago Illinois to the sweet island of Guam. She hand picked a lot of houses for us to view and that was move in ready, which made it easy for us because we are traveling with a infant and toddler. Our house comes with a lot of space and a nice back yard for us to enjoy. Thank you Leah and your amazing team.
Sonja-Dee Simpson-Sterling

You gotta get in touch with Leah and Alex ASAP

I recently moved back to Guam knowing pretty much what I wanted but due to my busy schedule, I didn't really have much time to look around. Luckily for me, I connected with Leah, Alex and their team; which by the way came very highly recommended! After careful consideration based on long distance conversations between Leah and me, and scrubbing their listings online, they were able to put me in the perfect place on the FIRST day back on Guam! And trust me, I'm not easy! I have some very specific things that I needed in a home, of course that also includes my budget. If you are new to Guam, returning to Guam or currently live here and are looking for new digs, you gotta get in touch with Leah and Alex ASAP. Thanks guys, you made it easy for me.
Donnie Camp

Leah Really is THAT Person

We moved to the island during PCS season & it was hectic. It only took us a few days to find our temporary home & we were so happy that we got the house we wanted. I had so many thoughts about our move to Guam because I knew it was going to be different. I didn’t know where & when to start. Leah found me on a Facebook group page a few months prior to arriving on the island & I am so glad that she did! She responds in a timely manner, she provides you excellent information, & she always tries her best to answer your questions. I have read her reviews & all her reviews are spot on. She really is THAT person! Thank you, Leah, for helping us ♥️
Kris and Tasha Galindo

Amazing Experience

This team is extremely flexible, efficient and caring. They were able to accommodate my situation, timeline and wants. I would highly recommend to anyone moving or buying to reach out to them. They are extremely personable and helpful. Thank you so much for everything Living On Guam Realty!
Taylor Sieber

Laughter and home

Leah went out of her way to help us feel like we’d known each other for years. She showed us various homes without ever making us feel pressured to pick any particular one or to pick in a hurry. It was a wonderful experience working with Leah.
April Mathis

Our Experience

We want to thank Living on Guam Realty for finding our home. When we arrived to the island, Alex and Leah provided us with a few options. They were timely and attentive with our questions. I expressed how I would prefer our front door to face east with the rising sun. The final house was perfect for my family and myself while we are stationed here. The neighborhood is friendly and within a few minute drive to work. The whole team was wonderful and ensured that we were more than pleased with our home. Thank you so much!

Leah is the BEST!!

Given the short notice we gave Leah to find us a home on Guam, she did it! She was quick and attentive to our wants and needs in a home and made the whole process go smooth. She was easy to talk to, which made us feel comfortable with her. We are so happy to have found Leah and will definitely be recommending her to family and friends who need a realtor on Guam. Leah is the BEST!
Xody and Kathy Yano

We Are Happy Landlord with Alex and Leah

We want to thank Alex and Leah for the many services they have provided us finding the right people for our investment properties in the lovely island of Guam. Alex and Leah certainly know how to market and find the right renters! 👍👍 We never had any late payment issues and the units are maintained in excellent condition. Most of all, the tenants are happy with the units. We couldn’t ask for anything more! We will definitely recommend you and your company to families and friends going to Guam and to others who want to sell their home or find good tenants!
Will and Mina Domingo San Diego, CA

Perfect house

Leah was able to keep up with my extremely demanding schedule and get us the house we wanted! We were able to close in record time because of her persistence and constant communication, I highly recommend her!
the Millers

They Make Sure You Dont' Get Screwed Over!

Alex and Leah are great realtors, very personal and will find exactly what your looking for. They really help out the military crowd and make sure they don’t get screwed over.
Brandon Otoole

We Learned a Lot From Her Facebook Live Posts

Working with Leah has been a great experience. She maintained constant communication with us months prior to us arriving on the Island. We decided to go with her because of her knowledge and personality. We really enjoyed and learned a lot from her FB Live posts. Those answered a lot of questions that we had and made the transition here much smoother. She's very professional, energetic, personable, and caring. She knows the island inside and out and cares about your personal request on exactly what you are looking for. The best part about working with her is unfortunately, we worked directly with a landlord who had his house on another site, but Leah still cared enough to offer to review lease for us, and made sure we asked the right questions and wasn't being taken advantage of. Now that says a lot about her character. Most people would've cut all ties, but she cares about people regardless. We will definitely recommend using her, especially if we decide to buy.
CJ and April White

Awesome Results!

Awesome results from Mrs. Leah Macariola del Mundo! Very few realtors provide the level of professionalism, dedication and attentiveness that she does! She found me the most perfect location to live, and the selections she offered stayed within my budget! She made my move to Guam painless and stress free! It's my honor and privilege to recommend her for all of your PCS and property needs!
Jake Jason Gordon

A Smooth Move!

Leah del Mundo is incredible, a beautiful lady on the outside and inside. She helped us find our home after living on base for 7 months. We wanted to truly immerse ourselves into the island life and living off base has helped us to do just that. Not only was Leah able to get us a house that met our needs & wants, but she also found us a home next to our good friends with an incredible ocean view. Leah went above and beyond for us by always staying in contact with us, helping us get our utilities set up, and getting us into our home quickly. She made the whole process easy... a smooth move. We are so grateful for all she did for us.
Cayla & Casey Cotten

You Made the Process Stress-Free & Extremely Simple

We are happy to say that we have secured a home in Guam! So thankful for our wonderful realtor Leah Macariola del Mundo. Thank you for being so informative and assisting us with the process even from across the ocean and in a completely different time zone. You made the process stress-free and extremely simple. We will definitely be recommending you to anyone looking for a home on Guam and look forward to all the memories we will make in our new home.
Lawson & Catherine Johnson

Grateful We Found Leah

Coming to the island was stressful especially with 3 little kids. I've kept in contact with Leah for a while and because my husband and I were so rushed to find a house, we made a quick decision on a condo. The very next day, my husband and I changed our minds and Leah was so understanding and even with her busy schedule, she was still able to squeeze us in. She gave us many choices and we looked at a few houses until we finally fell in love with a house. I'm super grateful to have found her as a realtor! Without her, my family and I would have been staying in hotels for who knows when! I'll definitely recommend her to family and friends.
Chris & April Rodriguez

Leah has been a blessing

Leah has been wonderful to work with. Not only is Leah excellent at her job, she is knowledgble, hard working, timely, trustworthy, and just a lovely person. Our experience with Leah has been nothing short of excellent. Leah has a wealth of information about the market and the island which has aided our family multiple times in the transition to living overseas. We have felt that we could fully trust Leah's advise and opinions and depended on them during various circumstances. Leah works hard. She is incredibly responsive and even when the deal was done she still worked to help our family with setting up utilities and answering addition questions. We are very thankful for Leah and Alex and all of the work that they have put forth to help our family find a wonderful home. We will gladly and enthusiastically recommend them to anyone we hear that is looking for a realtor or property manager. You guys rock.
Madison Elliott

We Are In a Home We Absolutely Love!

As soon as arriving on Guam, we had to decide, "Base Housing or OFF?" We were stuck. Then my husband's coworker suggested we contact Leah and said she is really good at what she does. I am so thankful to my husband's coworker for recommending her. From the moment I shook Leah's hand, it felt like we were friends who haven't seen each other in years. She took my husband, myself, and our 2 babies to show us houses. We laughed and she made us feel comfortable. 17 days later, thanks to Leah, we are in a home that we absolutely love. Thank you Leah for helping us. You are amazing!
Mark & Rona Lavery

Leah Is Da Bomb Dot Com!

Preparing to move to Guam was an overwhelming experience in itself! There was so much to try to figure out in a short amount of time and there was a great deal of uncertainty, as we did not have the slightest clue what we were getting ourselves into. The best thing that happened to us, hands down, was finding Leah. We were nervous about the move and extremely concerned about being separated from our dog, especially with the holidays coming up. I had heard so many horror stories about people being unable to find housing for months and people being unhappy with the housing they had to “settle for”. Leah was sensitive to our needs, listened to what we wanted and found us our perfect beautiful home within 24 hours of our arrival. She didn’t stop there; she worked closely with us to expedite the process and ensured that we had the keys to our new home in hand before the holidays. Leah is seriously the freakin da bomb dot com! She was confident in her ability to find us the perfect home and she delivered. Not only is she incredible at what she does, she is informative about the island, she can answer every question you have (down to where to find your favorite shade of lipstick) and she made the entire process comfortable and fun. We cannot recommend Leah enough, without her, we are certain we would still be in a hotel and would not be living our Guam dream.
Chris & Tara Burchfield

A Realtor That Looks Out For My Best Interest

If you are not from or familiar with Guam, looking for a place to rent or buy can be very tricky. This is especially true if you're working with a somewhat tight budget. A co-worker and friend recommended I contact Leah del Mundo when I first arrived on island (Dec 2015). And I'm very glad I did. When I met Leah, she was very professional, personable and upbeat. She showed me a good number of properties before I decided to settle on one. In the process of doing so, she was very honest with me and was looking out for what was in my best interest. After I moved in, Leah remained a friend and still serves as great resource to know in the community. I highly recommend Leah del Mundo for any realtor needs. Not only is Leah a top notch realtor, she does it with class and character.
Rachel Hartman

We need your testimonial!!

"Work with us to buy or sell your home! We look forward to your review of how well we do."

Best Realtors Anyone Can Ask For Alex and Leah are the best realtors anyone could ask for. I have been through the home buying process a few times now and I have never been so well taken care as I was by the Del Mundos. From the communication before arriving to the island to the first time we met, I felt that I already had a friend on the island. I PCS'ed there single and did not know anyone when I arrived except for Alex. He picked me up from the hotel on the first day I arrived and took me on an island tour while we looked at potential homes. We developed a friendship over the next couple weeks since I was such a demanding customer who wanted a pool, the ocean and a resort like setting that he completely delivered. We keep in touch to this day and will remain life long friends. If you choose to go with Alex and Leah's services, you're getting much more than awesome realtors. You will get good friends. John Hall

Leah Secured The House Despite Many Competing Offers!

First I would like to say that Leah is hands down one of the BEST Realtors ever! At the beginning, the process was so stressful. But after meeting with Leah and getting to know her and her bubbly personality, my family and I knew we were in the right hands. Leah took us around, showed us homes and even told us if the neighborhood wasn't safe. We were very impressed that she worked fast and had a great relationship with other realtors to secure the house we wanted despite many other competing offers. We are finally in our home and we absolutely love it! We would recommend her to everybody because she cares about her work and most importantly, her clients.
The Smith Family

Very Competent and Knowledgeable

Things don't always go as you plan. I met Alex through a friend in a last minute situation. I arrived to Guam and needed a place fast. Alex met me the very next morning and drove me around. I felt very comfortable the minute I met Alex, and he made me feel at home. Alex is a very competent and knowledgeable person. We found a place in less than a day and he always checked up on me thereafter. To this day Alex and Leah have been there for me. Our friendship now is like family. I recommend Alex and Leah to all arriving personnel to Guam and they are all very satisfied. I will continue to refer Alex and Leah even now that I am retired. Thank you Alex and Leah for all your help and support.
Andy Carrillo. HTCS (retired)

Reliable Realtors

Leah and Alex found exactly what I wanted. I know that I have very picky taste so it was amazing how quickly they were able to find a place for me! Leah and Alex are great realtors and I would recommend them for anyone looking for a new place! They are very reliable, honest, and professional realtors!
Cecelia Vaughn

Saved Us Valuable Time and Energy

Leah was a pleasure to work with. She immediately understood the challenge I was facing with our military arrangement & helped me every step of the way. She was available & quick to respond to phone & email questions . Leah, narrowed down our search of homes to fit the wish list we provided, saving us valuable time & energy. I highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you again Leah! We appreciate all you've done!
Ashley and Laurence Quidachay

If I Could Refer Them To EVERYONE, I Would Do It In A Heartbeat!

Alex and Leah were probably the best help I had and the most reliable since the day I landed on this island. They took me in as one of their own and set me up with two different houses during my time here. Any issues I ever had with the houses, I would contact them and at the drop of a hat, they would be there to help. I want to personally thank you, Alex and Leah, for making my stay here the most enjoyable and entertaining two years in my Air Force career. If I could refer them to EVERYONE, I would do it in a heartbeat!
Casey Wheatley

They Are Very Patient And Easy To Work With

For some, the realtor-client relationship ends after the move-in is completed. However; with Leah, the move-in was just the beginning of the relationship. Her realtor service cost me $0 but in return, I have gained a friendship with her and her husband, Alex. I am very happy and truly thankful for their service and friendship. If you are willing to give Leah and Alex a chance to serve you, you will quickly find out that they are both very patient and easy to work with. They are very professional and knowledgeable. They are ones that you can trust and count on. I highly recommend Lead and Alex to everyone out there who needs some assistance finding a house on the beautiful island of Guam. Last but not least, THANK YOU Leah and Alex for everything you have done for Kooly and I. You guys are awesome!
Julie Dinh

They Go Above And Beyond

I'm so blessed to have met Leah. I contacted her about 2-3 months before I arrived to Guam and we spoke frequently on finding a home to rent while stationed. She went above and beyond to help us find a house. She sent us weekly listings to see what was available. When the time finally came, she was so kind to pick us up from our hotel and drive us to look at potential houses. We had an amazing time with her talking, laughing and having a good time. We ended up finding a house that day and were signing the lease that following week. But she didn't stop there. Not only did she help us find a house, she also came with my husband and I to the Guam Power Authority to have our water and power situated. She made us feel so welcome and comfortable and made our house hunting way less stressful. She is such an amazing person with the biggest heart and I am so glad we met. My husband and I are considering staying here longer in Guam and hopefully, next year, buy a home of our own. We will, without hesitation, be contacting Leah and her husband. She goes above and beyond and I am so thankful.
Ian and Nisa Agpaoa--

Dedicated And Committed To their Clients

When we got orders to Guam we did not know what to expect; there were many things to do and not enough time! Getting the right home for our family was a high priority for us. A close friend recommended Alex and Leah as realtors so we contacted them. As our first experience with realtors, we can truly say that we were lucky to have the best Guam has to offer. Alex and Leah helped us get the house we wanted at a price we could afford. Alex went above and beyond to provide honest feedback and show us the houses we were interested in looking and a few of his suggestions. We worked with Leah as well, and her personality and commitment proved we made the right realtor choice. They also were kind enough to show us around the island and recommended things to do. We are very grateful with Alex and Leah for the care and dedication they showed us. If you want the same level of service, they are the best option available on Guam.
Diego and Fernanda Cardona

Their Level Of Competence is Excellent!

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Alex Del Mundo and his wife, Leah. They are special people; considerate, joyful, always helpful and what is more, highly competent. I have used Alex for real estate business and referred friends to him and the level of competence coupled with special personal attention elevated his service to a truly excellent level. I have no hesitation in referring new clients to Alex. This, plus his personal integrity and his wife's grace and charm form a special couple. On top of it all it is always fun to be with them.
Dan Hafner, M.D.

They Made A Stressful Situation, A Piece Of Cake

Working with Alex and Leah del Mundo has been such a pleasure. They helped us take what could have been a very stressful situation and made it a piece of cake. We had to find a new home on very short notice and had a long list of things we needed in our dream house. Alex and Leah worked quickly to show us many options and accommodate all our requests. Within a few days, we knew we'd found our home, and the three of us couldn't be happier. Alex and Leah continue to be some of our closest friends on the island,. They are always happy to lend a hand or make recommendations on how to enjoy all that Guam has to offer. We so appreciate all they have done for us. Our time here would not have been the same without them!
Josh and Lauren Stump

You Won't Go Wrong

I can't recommend Leah enough as a realtor. When we arrived here in Guam I was 6 months pregnant and we had already spent two months living out of hotels. We'd never used a realtor before, so I was nervous, but Leah immediately put me at ease. We arrived Friday night and first thing Monday Leah took us out to see some houses. We saw a few we liked, but none that we loved. We kept looking over the next few days, and finally found one we loved. There were quite a few complications, but Leah and her husband went above and beyond to help us get the house we wanted! It was the best feeling to be able to sleep in my own bed after being on the island for only two weeks, and it wouldn't have happened without Leah's help. You won't go wrong using Leah as your realtor!
Erin & Stephen Jarabeck

Very Helpful Even From Many Miles Away

My husband, Chris, and I are a military family who PCSed here in October. Before leaving the States, we were informed there would be no on-base housing available for us. When I posted on an online group, Leah was prompt to contact us and was very helpful even from many miles away. When we arrived on Guam, we finally got to meet with Leah and Alex. They were so helpful and caring. They made sure our family was put in a house that met our needs and was safe. When a family is looking for a Guam Realtor, we always recommend Leah and Alex.
Nicole and Chris Jacobson

Excited to Welcome Our Baby In The House Leah Found For Us!

Being pregnant is hard, lucky we have a house to be pregnant in. thanks for the house! Lol! But in all seriousness, we love that Leah spent so much time helping us to find the right house. We wanted to live in a particular location but there was only one house there at our budget. It had a crazy layout and we were disappointed when we saw it in person. Leah made a few phone calls and found us a wonderful house in the same area. Most realtors would have just sold us off on the crazy looking house. Leah didn't. We love our house and are excited to welcome our baby and build memories here.
Kyle & Katie Pernsteiner

Alex And Leah Put Our Minds At Ease

When my husband received orders for Guam, our first and biggest concern was where we were going to live. We wanted a home that was safe for our family and close to all of what Guam had to offer. We were nervous, to say the least. Then we received multiple recommendations for LivingOnGuam realtors, Alex and Leah. We are so thankful now to have worked with them! Not only did they help address all our concerns, but they also went above and beyond to help us understand the areas of the island. They put our minds at ease and we felt that we were in good hands. Our new home in Guam is exactly what we were looking for and we couldn't be happier! We could never have done it without Alex and Leah! If you want good and honest realtors, we would absolutely recommend Alex and Leah. We would have not transitioned to the island so easily without their help!
Sarah and Albert Nemeth

The Del Mundos Have Heart And Zeal

Alex and Leah were recommended to us by another military member and close friend. By the time our family got on the island, several houses were already lined up for us to see. We cannot say enough about the Del Mundo's heart and zeal because they didn’t know us at all prior to reporting on Guam, but they did everything to make us feel at home immediately. Within less than a month, our family moved into our home which was about 3,300 sq feet - very spacious, big yard, swimming pool, four mango trees, countless coconut trees, banana trees, avocado tree and beautiful mountain view. The best part about the home was we were able to get it for less than the landlord’s original asking price due to Alex and Leah negotiating skills. They both have exceeded our family’s expectations on numerous occasions. As Realtors, they are by far, the best we have worked with. My wife and I would recommend them to anyone who is on the island or coming from abroad, looking to purchase or rent a home.
Simalo & Daniela Clesca

Having Leah As A Realtor Made All the Difference

Moving to Guam can seem scary and overwhelming, but is made much easier when you have someone like Leah helping you find a home. I didn't know the first thing about finding a place to live on Guam or how the whole process worked. Leah basically held my hand and walked me through the process. She was very proactive with sending us listings as they came available in our price range. We were really lucky and fell in love with the very first place she showed us. Leah even came with us to the power company and helped us get our utilities set up. She is also very quick to reply to e-mails or phone calls with any concerns or questions you may have. Overall we were very satisfied with our experience with her and would highly recommend her to anyone who is PCSing to Guam. Moving is never easy, but having a good realtor can make all the difference! Cheers, Mel & Ben Martinez

Alex Did Everything Possible To Find The Home That Best Fit Our Needs

When first arriving on Guam with the Navy, I was quite overwhelmed since it was my first time traveling out of the United States. Alex Del Mundo was highly recommended by a friend and we couldn’t be happier that we called him. Despite my anxiety, endless emails and phone calls, Alex was extremely patient and helpful. He showed us houses right away by the second day we were on island. He even picked us up and toured us around Guam. We were told by many people that it would take a month or two to find a home, but Alex helped us find ours in just 5 days! That may not be typical, but it showed us that Alex did everything possible to find the home that best fit our needs. He was cheerful and friendly. We could not be more satisfied and happy with the help he gave us. I would highly recommend Alex and Leah del Mundo to help you find your home here on Guam. They are honest, and work most diligently to help you find a place that works the best for your needs and always, with a smile on their faces!
Caitlin & Paul Struss

What An Ambassador!

I want to give credit where credit is due. BIG shout out and THANK YOU to Leah Macariola del Mundo for helping me and my family find a lovely home to live in. Once we found out we were moving to Guam, we searched the Internet looking for a realtor. Thank God we ran across and that is how we met Leah. She has been helping us find the best home to live in for close to 5 months. Note, I said "5 months" (my business issues). Some other realtors won't even go past 3 weeks if a deal isn't made. She understood what I was looking for in a home and made it happen. She understood my family needs and went above all expectations of a realtor. From the beginning to the end (and a few days after), she was there every step of the way. She was my first impression of the people on this island......what an ambassador!!!
Kelvin Motown USAF (Ret) & Shaundria Brantley

Leah Made Me Comfortable

Meet Kayla Thayer, Corpman, serving at the Guam naval Hospital. It felt so good and fulfilling to be assist this young Navy corpsman find her piece of Paradise on Guam. We started communication several months before she arrived and she asked a lot of questions. This was understandable. As a young single lady going to a new unfamiliar place far from home would make me nervous too and I would get as much information as I can. When I met Kayla in person for the first time, I could tell she was unsure and uneasy. I gave her as much information as I could and made sure she knew and genuinely felt that I had her best interest in mind. After communicating with her for awhile and knowing her situation, I already had the perfect home for her. But I wanted her to get to that conclusion herself. After showing her several places, she did choose the property I had in mind for her. It was a perfect match and I'm happy to have successfully played match-maker again. I made a client happy and I found a new friend. This job brings me so much joy when I can help others.

In a time crunch to find the perfect home? Alex and Leah are the ones to contact!

I needed to move out of my old place and into a new place in less than 2 weeks. I didn't know what to do or think it was even a possible task to complete. I called Leah one evening and she was able to meet with me the next day. After letting her know exactly Thanks to Alex and Leah, I am able to enjoy a nice townhouse in a central located area:) what I wanted/needed we were able to find the right place for me that same day!!! It was move-in ready which was what I needed, and they allowed me to move in early while I get my old place ready to move out. Through all of this they were very, very flexible with me and my schedule!!
Jasmin Kapuaopikake

They Did So Much More Than What Is Expected Of Realtors

Hafa Adai! My name is Heather Harmon. We are military and my family and I just PCSed to beautiful Guam. Shortly after arriving, we were looking for a home for my husband and I and our four beautiful children. Alex and Leah del Mundo of were highly recommended so we reached out to them. The very same day, Leah called us. We looked at a few houses that met our needs. Leah did a wonderful job helping us navigate our way around Guam. She helped us know about the schools here, churches near by, malls, and just anything she could help us with. She was not only generous about sharing her knowledge of homes but also her knowledge of Guam. Alex & Leah did so much more than what is expected of Realtors. We are so excited to be a part of this community. Thank you Alex and Leah for finding a home for my family. You made this big transition smoother and more manageable. Respectfully, Les and Heather Harmon

We Are So Blessed To Have Someone Like Leah

When we moved to the island, we were stressed about getting settled and finding a place to call our home. We started working with a realtor who was adding stress by not answering emails or calls in a prompt manner. Then, someone told us about a great realtor who could help us. Sure enough, we met with Leah and she went above and beyond to help us get the place that we wanted to live in (despite the fact that 2 other applicants had already turned in their applications before us). If helping us find a home wasn’t enough, she also helped me (Joana) find my dream job. I cannot tell you how blessed we are to have had someone like Leah placed in our lives when we needed her most. Leah, is always eager to help in any way that she can and we highly recommend connecting with her.
Konstantine and Joana Dietrich

She Looked Out For My Safety

I was in a rush to get out of a hotel and into a place that I opted to go with another realtor; not Leah. Unfortunately, that realtor neglected to tell me that the place I chose was down the street from a prison. I had to go back to Leah and ask her to help me find a safe place to live. Leah came through and I fell in love with first place she showed me. Most importantly, the place she found for me requires a pin to get into the building. Safety is the utmost important feature to me, especially as a female living alone. I told Leah exactly what I wanted and she made it happen within 3 days! I love my new place and feel safe at where I live! Thank you Leah, you are amazing!
Gabriela Satele

Joycelyn Torres Review

Meet Joycelyn Torres. It was treat assisting this beautiful young sailor find a home. She and I have been corresponding a few months back. By the time she arrived and was ready to look for a home, I knew what would be the perfect place for her. I wanted her to love it for herself so we looked at other places until this was her solid choice. I was spot on! It just really works out for the best when I get to communicate with my clients long before they PCS here so I can get feel of their personality and taste. Have fun in your new place Joy!

Alex And Leah Were Quick To Respond

Right from the start, Leah reached out to me prior to our arrival in Guam. She emailed me homes that fit our needs and this gave me an idea of what was available. Once we arrived, Leah and Alex quickly took us around the island and to our amazement we saw 6 homes the first day. They even took time to stop at some scenic lookouts so our kids were entertained in between houses. Alex and Leah are still in touch with us and have become good friends. They were quick to respond and understood our short notice and military obligations.
Jeremy and Lamia Wilbanks

The BEST Realtor Ever!!!

The BEST realtor ever!! I just have to express how great Leah is. We got here Thursday night around midnight, so pretty much Friday morning. Leah took us out Saturday....that soon! I know I know, living in a nice hotel (The Westin) before you find housing is a great luxury. However, it is not as easy (and fun) with two young kids, a 90lb bloodhound and only 1 car (which the husband is using for work). I just want to get settled somewhere. Anyways...on Saturday we saw two houses we were interested in, but not in love with. Tough to find them out here! So since we weren't in love, Leah brought us back out Monday. Oh my gosh!! She found us TWO houses we were in love with! One of which wasn't even listed yet. That was the hard part for us with finding a house....deciding between two awesome ones. A great problem to have! We made our choice and we move in next week! Sorry about the long post....I just HAVE to let everyone know how awesome Leah is. If anyone is PCS'ing here and needs a realtor, please use her! You will be sooo happy with her and have no regrets. She is better than any realtor we have ever used back in the States. I am not the type of person to usually go on and on about things, but I just felt like I had to here. People will definitely benefit from choosing her as a realtor! And one of the best parts is, is that I feel I got a friendship out of this. My first new friend on the island of Guam is our realtor....pretty nice! Thank you Leah, you are awesome!!
Melinda & Joseph Hogaboom

Professionalism and Attentiveness Made Leah Stand Out

I found Leah through a Facebook page. There were several realtors that messaged me but Leah stood out because of her professionalism and attentiveness. She consistently emailed me a list of homes and was very prompt to update that list when I explained more of what I was looking for or updated her on our family situation. When we arrived on island, Leah was so quick to provide me with the most current list of rentals and even met us the very same day to show us a home. Within two weeks of arriving on Guam, our HHG was delivered and we were completely moved into our home here. She goes the extra mile for her clients and even helped a lot in making the application for our utilities a smoother process. Leah is professional, extremely friendly, kind and just so sweet to be around. I am so happy we found her.
Rayna and Evan Bloxham

Their Commitment & Dedication To Us As Clients Has Been Unsurpassed

Alex and Leah found us a great home in a perfect location. They even furnished it while we waited on our things - all within a few days. We could not imagine a smoother relocation to Guam. Their commitment and dedication to us as clients has been unsurpassed. Whenever our home needed servicing, they provided prompt and thorough attention. Beyond that, we highly value their friendship and their help in making Guam our new home. From the onset, we had confidence we were in the right hands and have no hesitation in recommending them to others who value professionalism, honesty and integrity. Thank you!!!
Braxton and Jinky Kieft

Their Facebook and Periscope Made Me See Guam Without Being There Yet

Four months before we moved to Guam, I started looking for housing. Leah reached out to me online and asked what my needs were and when I was moving. I ended up following her on Facebook and on Periscope. It was amazing to visit the island, without actually being there. Leah made it all possible. The move was stressful for me but Leah answered all my questions; even ones that were about the island in general and nothing to do with houses. She is friendly, upbeat, energetic, and she listened to my concerns. Once we picked out a house, she and her husband Alex (also a realtor) were there to help sign the rental agreement and provide any documentation the Navy needed to get the lease approved. She and Alex went the extra mile to help us. She has been a great friend on Guam when I didn’t know anyone. Her help and her friendship is much appreciated.
Jon and Baysh Farley

The Real Deal!

Thank you Leah for the time and effort that you put into making my move to Guam smooth and seamless. I started looking for a place months before arriving and she helped me all the way. The constant contact that she kept helped out a lot. I found a place in the first day looking because she already knew what I was looking for. I'm in my place and I love it. I have a great view of the city and I feel secure. I wanted to see a place and she was kind enough to let me know that the neighborhood was not the best and showed me a place that I fell in love with. So again thank you for being honest and listening to what I wanted. If anyone needs a trusted and patient realtor, she's the real deal.
AnnNet Taylor