Top 9 Reasons To Live In The Gorgeous Area Of Talofofo Beach

Guam is easily one of the most beautiful places in the country, and it's an ideal spot for anyone who wants to feel like they are on vacation every day. The area is full of incredible things to see and do, which has made it a popular place for people to live. If you have ever thought about moving to this unique spot, have a look at this list to see the top 8 reasons to live in the gorgeous area of Talofofo beach

The Amazing Beach Access

Living next to the water is great for so many different reasons, but instant beach access is one of the top ones. People love to enjoy the amazing beaches in the area and surfing is very popular due to the fantastic waves. There are quite a few smaller beaches in the area that are also ideal for swimming as the waters are much calmer and warmer. 

Surfside Beach is the most popular spot in the area for visitors and it brings in people from all over the island for one reason: the sand. It's incredibly popular among tourists for its unique and interesting beaches that are full of "black sand." The sand is actually volcanic rock mixed with regular sand, but it makes for impressive and exciting photos.

The Delightful Homes

The residential properties in Talofofo are incredible and some of them have stunning views of the nearby water. Most homes in Talofofo are single- and multi-family dwellings. There are also a few apartment complexes. Many U.S. Navy members and families buy or rent homes there since the area is close to the Big Navy and is within the McCool school district.

Talofofo, Guam is beautiful and it's unlike any place you can find in the continental U.S. You will be surrounded by nature and live among some of the most amazing flora and fauna you will ever see. Many people come to the village all year round to see these beautiful sights, but you will be able to experience them every day while you enjoy your gorgeous home.

U.S. Navy Members & Families Buy or Rent Homes In Talofofo, Guam In

The Incredible Activities

With Guam being such a popular tourist destination, you know there’s going to be plenty of activities all around the area that you can enjoy too! Let's take a look at some of the most popular ones, so you have an idea of how great this area is for fun with friends and family. 

Valley of the Latte Adventure Park

If you want to experience some of the extraordinary nature in Guam, then this is a fantastic choice. The park offers paddle board tours, a river cruise, and kayaking tours so you can see the amazing Talofofo and Ugum rivers. Many people love to take this tour to see some of the sights that they wouldn't usually see, and it's a great way to learn about the local nature.

Ipan Beach Park

This is a popular spot for anyone who enjoys having some fun in the water and it offers a bit more than the standard beaches. The area is a picturesque spot with beautiful green spaces where you can rest and relax. Many people enjoy the area for its snorkeling, kayaking, and fishing, so it's a very popular spot for both locals and tourists. 

Onward Talofofo Golf Club

Golfers in the area love the incredible views they get from the Onward Talofofo Golf Club. The course was designed by nine professional golfers to offer a wide range of holes that can test your limits. This course features a number of water features and terrains, and you will love the amazing scenery that has been incorporated into the design. 

Golfing in Talofofo, Guam

The Unique Location

Many people have considered living in Guam to escape the hustle and bustle (and drama) of life on the mainland. When it comes to transportation, the island is accessible by both boat and plane, but you may require a passport to travel back to the U.S. if your transportation makes a stop in a foreign country (i.e. Japan, Philippines, Korea). 

The location is great if you’re looking to disconnect from the typical American lifestyle while still remaining on American soil. One minor con to all the pros of living on the island is that it is slightly challenging to bring in goods and services. You won't be able to Amazon Prime a dog leash to your doorstep the next day as the wait for mail is typically a week or more. This also explains why Guam’s standard of living is higher than most–because pretty much everything is imported.

The Island Lifestyle

Living in Talofofo has many incredible benefits, but the lifestyle is one of the main ones that make people keep coming back. It is far less busy than the mainland and Guam’s Central villages, and you get to be surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature wherever you want. Many of the people who live on the island find they slowed down and started to relax when they moved there. 

People also enjoy the warm climate that the island provides 365 days of the year and they love to take advantage of the long hours of sun. Those who have lived in typically cold climates love the incredible weather and the short winters. The island makes people much happier, and people find they have less stress after moving to this beautiful area. 

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The Exceptional Schools

Guam is full of great schools that serve students of every age. They have the Talofofo Elementary School for grades K-5, Inarajan Middle School for grades 6-8, and Notre Dame High School for grades 9-12 for the students of the Talofofo area. These schools are all rated highly and they have an excellent student-to-teacher ratio.

The island also has a university (The University of Guam) and a college (Guam Community College), so you can get an education at every level. In total, the island has 26 elementary schools, eight middle schools, and six high schools, so there are plenty of options all over the island. For military children, they can go to McCools (on Big Navy) and Guam High (in Agana Heights).

Their Passion For Sports

Many people don't know this about the island, but sports are very popular, especially American football. They also have a FIFA-registered football team that has actually clinched a spot to qualify for the World Cup. There are also quite a few minor basketball teams, so you have no shortage of sports around you. 

Talofofo beach is also known for its water sports, so if you’re an avid kayaker or canoer, this is a great spot to check out. Other people enjoy the fantastic fishing opportunities that are all over the coastline and out on the water. If you want to find some great local spots, look for some of the amazing fishing tours in the area. 

Basketball Teams In Talofofo, Guam

The Unique Local Culture

The culture in Guam is genuinely unique and they celebrate many different aspects of the Chamoru culture. This culture is a combination of American, Spanish, and Mexican traditions, but there are so many different ethnicities all over the island. The people of Guam take great pride in trying to preserve their culture, and you can find traditional celebrations all over that are meant to keep the culture alive.

Guam’s culture and general atmosphere are also tied to its rich history, so you will find many different monuments all over the island that are dedicated to WWII and the American military. During the war, the island was captured by the opposing side, and American forces stormed the island to rescue them 31 months later. World War II is a big part of Guam's history, and it's one of the reasons there are so many military bases in the area. 

The Local Art

Art is a very big part of the culture of the people of Guam, and they are well known for their street art, murals, and jewelry. There is a museum located in Hagåtña, and it is full of amazing art and sculptures from all around the area. A trip to the museum is one of the best ways to learn about the local art history.

Jewelry is also a significant art form for the people of Guam, and they pride themselves on making unique pieces that are handcrafted from local nature. They also use gold and silver to make jewelry with local designs like bamboo or rose flowers. People love to order commissioned designs from the locals, and the artists enjoy passing on their skills to apprentices in order to keep the traditions alive. 

Guam is an amazing island that has so many unique and interesting aspects about it. Talofofo Beach is one of the most beautiful areas on the island, and the homes there are incredible. This is one of the best places to consider if you’re looking for a home in a tropical climate but you prefer to stay in America. Plus, it has some fantastic features that you can't find anywhere else! Check out some of the incredible homes in Talofofo Beach today so you can get an idea of how great it is to live in this amazing area.

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