BUENAS & HAFA ADAI. My name is Leah from LivingOnGuam.com. Come join me as I tell you more about what it’s like to be living on the Southern side of this gorgeous island.

Q. Tell us a little bit about the South of Guam?

A: Guam's southern region is mostly rural and the most picturesque on the island. There’s a lot of green from the trees and the plants and a lot of blue from the skies and the ocean! The South of Guam has a lot to offer as far as nature and culture is concerned. And it makes your fantasies of a living in a TROPICAL island a reality.


Q: Why would you want to live in the South of Guam?

A:  Being surrounded by rolling green hills and ocean views of the South is very relaxing. And the scenic drive alone along Pago Bay, Cross Island Road or Agat Marina can de-stress any weary soul. If you are military and work at Naval Hospital or Navy Base Guam, the villages in the South would be a good place for you to live.


Q: What Villages are in the South of Guam and what are the housing options available?

A: The are many villages in the South including but not limited to Agat, Santa Rita, Yona, Talafofo. Housing in the South is generally more single-family homes and townhouses with big yards for pets and children to play and explore in. It a natural choice for families. But you’d be surprised that there are some single individuals that like living here too for peace and quiet, away from the busy-ness Tumon and Tamuning.


Q: Care To Mention Any Other Interesting Features of the South of Guam?

A: There are many outdoor adventures in the South. There are a lot of hiking options to rivers, falls, natural pools, untouched beaches and mountain overlooks. Outdoor 4x4 off-roaders like the South as well as there’s lots of dirt and open space to play in. Fiestas are a big thing all over Guam but they’re especially festive and enjoyable in the Southern villages where you’re invited to every home in the village celebrating the Fiesta. Then there’s a Mango Festival in Agat every May where one can eat mangoes till they drop. There are golf courses and some novel places to eat at like Jeff’s Pirates Cove in Talafofo and a German restaurant, McKrautz, all the way in Inarajan.


Q: How Can LivingOnGuam.com help people find a home if they want to live in the South?

A: The South of Guam is a popular choice for people looking for single-family homes or townhouses to buy or rent. If you are working with the Navy Base or the Naval Hospital, then the Southern villages are an ideal location for you. Local Residents like living here because these are very family oriented villages. The Southern villages are very hospitable and welcoming to visitors and new comers. We, at LivingOnGuam.com can help you find your perfect rental or purchase home by working with your desires, needs and budget. Communication is key and we communicate with our clients long before the purchase and long before they even set foot on Guam (THAT IS, if they’re relocating or being stationed here by the military) so we can give them an idea of what is available and manage their expectations. We work closely with newcomers, investors, and long time residents during the entire rental or purchase process.